Needs List

White towels and wash cloths


Plastic Mattress Covers (bed bug blockers)

Solid Color Fleece Blankets

Baby Monitors

Plastic child’s plates with lids (to send to daycare)

Paper products—TP, Paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc…

All size diapers and Pull-ups 

Baby Wipes

Baby Wash & Lotion

Hair brushes

Deodorant, Shampoo & Conditioner for all Hair types

** Any CRAFT projects or supplies! 


All sizes of ladies underwear

Sweat/stretchy pants for teens

Long sleeve/short sleeve tees for teens

Socks for teens

(for moms who come with nothing but the clothes on their backs—we are seeing more and more of these)


            Thank You for supporting our Moms and Babies.

Ways to Help-Needs List