Foster Care Program

Why Foster Care?


For over 13 years, All God’s Children,  Inc. has been serving the needs of at- risk children in their residential treatment home for teenage mothers and their children. While the services AGC offer are much needed and often yield positive results in the lives of these young moms; we felt there was still an unmet need. For many of these foster youth and children; by the time they are ready to exit the residential setting, they are still unable to return to the home  of a parent or other family member for one reason or another. Understanding this reality, we began pursuing a foster care program that allows our residents and their children to transition into their own foster home right here in our very own community.

Who We Need

AGC is seeking caring and emotionally-healthy families of all varieties who are willing to open their homes to the most vulnerable youth and children of Ky.

Our Greatest Need

teenmom2Foster parents willing to take in, and show God’s love to, teenage mothers and their children. This aspect of foster care is integral to our ministry at AGC, because we want teenage mothers to learn how to become better parents for their children. The hope is to have a placement for both the mother and child, where both are kept safe and nurtured. Please prayerfully consider this option, because you could be a wonderful blessing.

Perks for the Youth

  • Access to all AGC services including: parenting classes, independent living classes, educational services, etc.
  • Youth’s child will have a guaranteed spot in our nationally accredited daycare.
  • Continuity of services (Therapist, Psychiatrist, etc.)

Perks for the Foster Families

  • Initial Training Certification
  • 24/7 staff on call
  • Monthly reimbursement of expenses
  • Consistent and reliable supervision
  • Ongoing training support
  • Foster Parent support groups

Now Welcoming Foster Homes From…


If you or someone you know and trust is interested in pursuing foster parent training; or just would like some additional information about the program, please contact our Program Director, Kathryn Maupin, MSW at (859) 881-5010 or [email protected].

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